woensdag 9 mei 2012

Who's really behind it all

"Hello son, do you know where the green tea is?"
"No, but I do know where you should put it."

I remember this song from when it came out in 2004. I thought it was pretty badass (SAYINGFUCK LOL), but i also found myself wondering why anybody would have such a job. Now i know. Money. Filling shelves with French Cheese, Vitamin-A tampons, chocolate deodorant and other products bought by some group of stinking, menstruating, obese french women. (pleonasms all around) The real question isn't who the costumers are, but who's running it all. Who's deciding which products should be where, and where do those empty bottles go? Do the CEO's even know who they're working for? . Did you know Super De Boer is "Obese Ruperd" scrambled? Perhaps the supermarkets are trying to keep us fat, so that we buy more and more and more. They give us 'Bonus'-cards. That way they can follow us anywhere, and make sure we shop at the good stores. It's a system man. Run by some evil genius in a big chair. And the chair, it can rotate with a joystick, because every villain should have that for dramatic openings.

On another note. Are you ready for some good old Dutch nostalgia? Here we go:

Enough for today, kijkbuiskindertjes.

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