zaterdag 19 mei 2012

we be beatin up dat beat

Why do I love Jersey Shore? It doesn't inform me, or makes me think. It doesn't tell a good moral lesson about life, or advice for the future. No. It's 45 minutes of crotch-shots, drama, vodka and 'Italy'. I want you to take Italy very lightly. These people don't know what Europe is and couldn't tell the difference between ravioli and Ferrari. All they do is drink and create more drama than the Shakespeare Company.
I guess I love the Jersey Shore because it's light entertainment and it reminds me of going out. I'm not implying I show my sixpack after finishing my sixth sixpack after GTL (gym, tanning and laundry). No, I prefer drinking a couple of beers and chill after i just finished my BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato). 
And don't hate me for liking it, watch one episode and you're hooked. Don't tell me you're above it, and it's lowering the television standard. The television standard is losing it's value anyway. You can watch anything at any giving time, so what makes television good? And you're not above it, let them have fun. You're probably reading nineteen-eighty-four and thinking: "I must be the smartest man alive", we'll you might be the smartest, but certainly not the best guy to go out with. You could see the Jersey Shore as a social experiment, a few rats in a cage with liver problems the size of their egos, fists that magically beat the beat and with more liquor than Kanye West's psychologist. And concerning guido's: I've seen oompa loompas sexier than Pauly D.

The situation's drinking caused him to have a stroke. It only made him sexier, as you can see.

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